Teams and players have been busy again this NFL off-season. We’ve seen players run from their current team, get traded, be pushed out or just flat let go. Whatever the reasons were, they’ve lead to an off-season that has seen some big name fantasy players shift teams. With all that shifting, comes all the speculation of who’s going to do what and the impact on all teams and players affected. Depending on if you are a glass half full or half empty type that might determine your opinion on the expected future results. I like to think of myself as a “half full” kind of guy, but I’m struggling to get fired up about some of these moves this year. Regardless, it’s important to make sure you know all the key players that changed locations and if their new home is an upgrade or downgrade before you go into your 2010 Fantasy Football Auction or Draft. With that, let’s dig into some of the bigger names who have moved and determine if they move up or down on the Fantasy Fortune’s board along with the impact to their former team.

Donovan McNabb was the big name move amidst the gun slingers. I’ve always liked Donovan as a fantasy QB and have had pretty good luck with him on my teams, despite the injuries. I love him for his week one performances….I feel like when he’s on your team; you’re a lock for a week one win. But hey, that’s only one week, there’s a whole season after that and it’s tough to imagine him getting better in Washington. McNabb had a good thing going with DeSean Jackson last year, but now he’s going to have to make due with a lot less in Washington. If he outperforms expectations in 2010, I think it is going to be based purely on him seeking vengeance and wanting to prove people wrong. Public perception is that Philly fans never really took to McNabb, and I don’t know why. Most teams would kill to have a QB like him. Trading him to a team in the same division will at least make for some interesting pre-game hype twice a year now for the otherwise boring PHI vs. WAS series. I’ll be routing for him to succeed, I just don’t think I’m taking a chance on him as my #1 QB. Speaking of players that won’t be on my team, I know you don’t care about Brady Quinn (Broncos) or Seneca Wallace (Browns), and neither do I. We try to analyze relevant fantasy players that you might actually have on your team.

McNabb to WAS:
McNabb: Downgrade.

PHI Offense: Downgrade. If only out of respect for the McNabb/Westbrook era being over. They get younger with their recent moves, but not necessarily better.

DeSean Jackson: Stable. Based on Kolb looking great in a couple games last แจกเครดิตฟรี ufabet year, hopefully he’ll be good enough to keep DeSean producing at a high level.

WAS Offense and WR’s: Upgrade. It’s tough to envision a star emerging from their WR core right now, but having Donovan will at least give this offense a chance.

Running Backs:
I wish players had more of a sense of humor when it comes to the products they choose to endorse. Take the “Shell of LT” (formerly known as LaDainian Tomlinson) for example. Shouldn’t he do some type of Car Wax commercial? Stay with me now; imagine LT in a cheesy green suit coat and slacks, “Our special formulated wax can keep your car looking new. You’re car may be 10 years old with countless miles, but now no one needs to know. Keep your car looking the exact same on the outside even though it’s a broken piece of junk on the inside!” Or how about doing a commercial for a tire shop that does re-treading? Are you telling me either of those businesses and LT wouldn’t get some good publicity out of that? Why not LT? Laugh at yourself a little bit, it’s ok, you’re image could use the upgrade from your current “pouty” self. You have millions in the bank and should never have to work again, have some fun. With that here are sulky takes from me and my view from the bench (with my arms crossed and bottom lip protruding out).

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